Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a wedding or event planner?

Yes! We highly recommend hiring a planner regardless of your event complexity, guest count or budget. By hiring a planner, you can be assured that your money will be spent in the right places and give yourself peace-of-mind knowing that all of the details on they day of your event will be handled. An event planner is an invaluable investment that you won’t regret!

What does it look like to work with an event planner?

Having Simplicity by Stanfel on your team as an event planner can look however you want it to! We are very flexible and willing to work with any level of client involvement. If you would like to be completely hands-off, you can trust us to handle everything. If you want to work hand-in-hand, we will help walk you through the planning process with us.

Does hiring an event planner really save me money?

It sounds crazy, but yes! One of the first things we will do together is set a realistic budget. The best way we can save you money is by setting a budget and helping you find vendors that will deliver quality services within or under your budget. We will help you edit and prioritize plans in order to stay within your budget while also meeting your expectations.

Will you have a team working on the day of my wedding or event?

We know you want everything to be perfect, and we want it to be perfect for you! On the day of your wedding or event, you will have the Event Coordinator that you’ve been working with from the very beginning who will know your expectations through and through. In addition, you will have at least one Event Assistant which allows us to have an extra set of eyes on every detail!

Will you travel?

Yes, we love to travel for events! But please note, we do require travel costs for one Event Coordinator and one Event Assistant to be covered by the client.

What will you wear?

Our appearance is important to us! You can expect us to be dressed professionally for all vendor meetings and the day of your event.